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Villa Caceres is an exclusive residential subdivision that promises a wide range of facilities and amenities for its homeowners. With Moldex Realty Inc’s commitment to uplifting the quality of lives that the Filipinos can enjoy, they reinforce that by incorporating many facilities and amenities into the master-planned community. If you are planning to invest in your own house and lot unit at this subdivision, it is important to know what facilities you can enjoy.

There are several facilities that are integrated into the planning of the entire community. Hence, homeowners will be able to enjoy modern conveniences of an exclusive residential subdivision with these facilities and amenities. For example, street lighting has been provided with the partnership of Meralco. You can therefore guarantee that the electrical line is ready to use in your home by the time you move in. At the same time, the street lighting posts ensure that the entire subdivision is properly lit at night. 

In addition to quality light posts from Meralco, Villa Cacerers will have its own elevated water tank system with its own dedicated pumping station. This will ensure a consistent and high quality flow of water into every home. You no longer have to worry about the quality of the water supply as the subdivision will be able to provide that. You will also have access to a water supply in cases of emergency water interruption, too. This facility is made available in the subdivision to ensure utmost convenience to the homeowners at Villa Caceres.  

The entire subdivision will have concretized roads and gutters too. This is in addition with the underground drainage system. Hence, you will not have to worry about flooded streets in the event of a heavy downpour because an efficient drainage system ensures proper flow of water off the streets. 

When it comes to leisure and recreational facilities and amenities, Villa Caceres has that to offer too. The subdivision will have its own exclusive swimming pool that is available for use by residents only. This is a great place to go to if you wanted to cool off or practice some laps. You can also use this as a place to hangout with the entire family during weekends. You can save time and money from going to a resort when you can enjoy the convenience of family bonding right within the subdivision walls.

If you consider yourself as an active individual, you will also delight in the fact that Villa Caceres provides adequate opportunities for you to keep active. There are two types of courts available: basketball and tennis courts. You can utilize these facilities to engage in your favorite sports activity. The courts are available for residents to use at any time of your disposal. 

Finally, a tight security is another great feature that residents can enjoy at Villa Caceres. The subdivision will be protected by a perimeter wall and will have an entrance gate with security personnel. There will also be roving security guards dispatched throughout the subdivision to ensure the safety and security of every homeowner.

  • Street lighting on Meralco posts
  • Elevated water tank and pumping stations
  • Centralized water supply
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball court
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