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Moldex Realty : Villa Caceres For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Ivanah (Single Detached) ₱ 8,200,000 - 8,400,000 Floor Area: 101 sqm / Lot Area: 150 sqm
Blanche (Single Detached) ₱ 8,200,000 - 8,400,000 Floor Area : 101 sqm / Lot Area : 150 sqm
Candice (Single Detached) ₱ 8,400,000 - 8,500,000 Floor Area : 120 sqm / Lot Area : 150 sqm
Aurora (Single Detached) ₱ 9,100,000 - 9,300,000 Floor Area : 120 sqm / Lot Area : 150 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 8,900,000 - 9,100,000 120 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
In-house Financing
20% Downpayment
80% Balance
This computation is based on the request of Agent/buyer. MRI reserves the right to change/revised information stated herein.
Price are subject to change without prior notice, and subject to final audit.
For external financing loanable amount is subject for approvable any difference shall be paid by the buyer
Miscellaneous Fee is inclusive of TCT transfer and Move-in Fees (Should be settled before move-in)
Reservation is Non-refundable and Non-Transferable.
All Check payments must be made payable to \"Moldex Realty Inc\"

Are you considering investing in your own house and lot unit at Moldex Realty Inc.’s Villa Caceres? This is a wise investment because there are plenty of advantages that are offered by this residential subdivision. 

First and foremost, Moldex Realty is a trusted name in the Philippine real estate industry. The projects by this real estate developer are therefore coveted in the industry and you can get good value for your investment over time. In addition, they take pride in developing beautifully themed subdivisions that reflect the modern taste of Filipino home buyers, together with the quality of their construction techniques. 

The ideal location of Villa Caceres is another strong factor in your decision to invest in your own house and lot unit. The location puts you in the heart of Laguna, while also having access to neighboring provinces and still close to Metro Manila. You can therefore take advantage of the suburban landscape so you can live in a peaceful community and be away from the stress and chaos of city living. You will also get to enjoy the fresh air and other benefits associated with living far from the city.

In addition, Villa Caceres is filled with all of the modern facilities and amenities you expect to find in a gated subdivision. You can partake in various leisure and recreational activities right within the subdivision premises. It is convenient and helps to elevate the quality of your lifestyle, too.

Whatever your priorities are, Villa Caceres is bound to meet and satisfy all of them. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make a worthwhile investment at Villa Caceres in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

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